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Treat yourself with our range of tasty instant mixes including Instant Mix Upma, 3 Types Of Dry Idli Mixes, Lemon Rasam and various other products..

Welcome To Our Company

The ready made food industry has been working towards creating ready to eat meals that taste great with minimal effort. One of the major hassles faced by the industry though, is the impact various instant foods have on the body due to the presence of preservatives and other additives. We, India Farm Foods Pvt. Ltd., have taken all the unhealthy bits usually present in ready made foods out of the equation and offer highly nutritious food for your consumption. We are a Manufacturer of a wide range of products including Groundnut Podi, Ready to Eat Food, Instant Mix Products, Multi Millet Dosa, Lemon Rasam, Lemon Poha and Chutney Podi. Our warehousing facility boasts modern climate control systems that ensure that our food remains in their fresh conditions, this is facilitated by the fact that food does not remain in the facility for long and is quickly dispatched to our retail partners.     

Our Story

Founded in 2005 in collaboration with the Center for Collective Development(CCD), with an aim to get farmers in Gunipalli, Anantpur (Andhra Pradesh) the correct price for their produce, the plan that involved only a few individuals now has over 20,000 farmers across three districts. As the movement gathered steam it spread to other states and led to the establishment of Farm Foods India which was set up with the gracious support of social venture capitalists. The company follows a model that is based on delivering all its profits to the farmers of the nation and eventually transfer ownership to them.  

Assuring Best Quality Products

In order to assure ourselves and customers about the superior quality of the food products that we offer, we have set up a quality control department that monitors the production process from start to finish and ensures that the required level of quality is maintained throughout. The food products we offer are pesticide free and sourced directly from the 20,000 farmers we have access to and thus only healthy, nutritious food reaches our consumers every time. We also ensure that samples are taken at random and tested on the basis of various parameters to ensure compliance with food safety standards. Each item in our product range offers a substantial amount of daily dietary needs and provides nutrients that are found in their raw forms. Some steps we have taken to ensure quality are as follows:

  • We have optimized our production process and have a minimal time from farm to table policy.
  • Our quality controllers are highly qualified individuals who have years on experience in the food industry and make certain that only the best quality leaves our facility.
  • Packaging is one of the major aspects being able to manufacture food product without having to use preservatives and thus is of the highest quality.
Delivering Fresh Food Originated From Our Farmers

The fast paced life today does not leaves much time for other things, especially to enjoy a proper home cooked meal as a result of which people today are lacking in a number of essential nutrients and get tired easily. Such a lifestyle affects bachelors living away from their families the most as cooking everyday becomes a difficult task when there are other important things at hand. The instant food mixes we offer are a boon for people who do not have time for a proper meal and can be prepared in minimal time without the hassles. We offer a total of 13 different types of food products including 4 different dosa mixes(dry) from different grains, 3 idli mix, ready made upma, poha mix and various chutney powders.